For a limited time Pop of ‘Pop’s eel on a stick and other frozen treats’ will be offering fried eel on a stick. All the slimy goodness of eel except fried. Come and get yours before the lot goes bad. Warning: please don’t consume fried eel if you are pregnant, plan to get pregnant, was […]

Norman Church winter support group sessions

The Norman Church will¬† be offering support groups, again this year, for all you weirdos. All groups will meet in the basement, so as to isolate you from all us normal people. Groups available are: Recovering Ballpoint pen kleptomaniacs. Overcoming the fear of Saranwrap. People who attend Dr. Looselugnut seminars. The forth wall really is […]

Snow in Hermann!

In regards to last nights snow storm that produced almost a dusting of snow,¬† Mayor ‘Bucketmouth’ Hamilton has released a official Tweet to address the subject: Please dress accordingly.