Episode II of the Starship Scranton: Under Warranty

Under Warranty “Has the Wormhole closed?” Captain Max pulls at his Earth Merchant Fleet issued green jumpsuit to straighten it out. “Yes sir. Wormhole has closed completely.”, says First Officer Daisy, Earth Fleet’s only sentient plant form. Max gets up from his command chair and surveys the bridge of the Scranton. As starship bridges go, […]

Welcome to the Starship Scranton

Hello and welcome the illustrious, no, magnificent starship; ‘The Pride of Scranton’ ESS-1071. The ‘Scranton’ is of YF-47 design with one spinning habitat module, two FTL rings and lots and lots of scanning do-dads attached to her hull, all standard stuff. (Of course I, the Captain, made some really great modifications; cup holders. Now its […]

The Starship Scranton

I am starting a series of short stories about that illustrious starship, the Pride of Scranton. The first post will be an introductory posting Monday. It just a some humorous Sci-Fi pieces I came up with and will post whenever I get to it. Enjoy. Field Mouse


For a limited time Pop of ‘Pop’s eel on a stick and other frozen treats’ will be offering fried eel on a stick. All the slimy goodness of eel except fried. Come and get yours before the lot goes bad. Warning: please don’t consume fried eel if you are pregnant, plan to get pregnant, was […]

Norman Church winter support group sessions

The Norman Church will  be offering support groups, again this year, for all you weirdos. All groups will meet in the basement, so as to isolate you from all us normal people. Groups available are: Recovering Ballpoint pen kleptomaniacs. Overcoming the fear of Saranwrap. People who attend Dr. Looselugnut seminars. The forth wall really is […]